Our Mission, Vision, Values, and Key Priorities


Inperium offers an alternative approach to traditional business consolidations through affiliation, which honors its supported organizations’ missions and services while respecting their unique identities.  Inperium is a comprehensive benefactor offering local resources using leverage, economies of scale, access to strategic partnerships & world class systems as the platform to enhance each affiliate’s sustainability and cultivate a positive client impact.


Promotes advancement & innovation to expand opportunities to its service-oriented affiliates through consolidated, unparalleled, & efficient shared services.


To be recognized as the leading non-profit alternative to for-profit consolidators.


Collaborate for Excellence

Embrace Accountability

Seek Diversity Among Affiliates

Foster Innovative Thinking

Encourage Creative, Responsive, and Impactful Programming

Inperium’s Key Strategic Priorities

Enhance and Protect Access to Growth Capital
Maintain sufficient Deal Flow to Facilitate Growth Initiatives
Provide Effective Board Governance to Protect and Ensure the Missions of All Affiliates

Inperium's Commitment to Diversity

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