Callan Housing

Purpose Statement

Callan Housing, LLC is a single member LLC with the sole member/parent of Supportive Concepts for Families, Inc. (SCFF), who is owned, operated and controlled with 100% of the control under SCFF.  Callan was established to create housing opportunities that would be otherwise not afforded to those that are disadvantaged from an aging, developmental delay or mental status perspective.  Our unique approach will create opportunities for housing to the population in need  that will be “person-centered” & “homelike” and have characteristics that meet the unique needs of the people that will call these houses their homes.


The ability to own the properties under Callan and lease them back to SCFF creates a situation where the residents are granted the opportunity to age in place or in other words have clean, safe, functional housing with an emphasis on person-centered or needs specific adaptations & homelike environments that permit the residents to live out their life in a singular home vs. multiple homes throughout their lives.   This allows the residents the honor of being able to age in place and pass away in the comforts of their own home.


Callan intends to purchase properties that are currently leased by SCFF from landlord and owners and will approximately 46 individuals with intellectual disabilities and/or a mental health diagnosis. These homes are currently being rented by SCFF at a higher cost than what purchasing these properties with a long-term fixed interest rate by Callan and renting them back to SCFF will cost; this in turn will create savings that can be used to further Callan and SCFF’s missions of serving people with mental health and intellectual disabilities through person centered, homelike lifelong housing opportunities with control over their own destiny.

Callan Housing, LLC
200 Penn Street 2nd Floor
Reading, PA 19602