Our Mission, Vision, Values, and Key Priorities


Inperium, a network governance organization, creates business constellations through affiliation, while honoring its support organizations’ missions and services, respecting their unique histories, identities and cultures. Inperium offers access to strategic network partnerships and its governance platforms to enhance sustainability.


Inperium creates opportunities for advancement and innovation to service-oriented affiliates to further their missions by providing a platform of value added services and partnerships.


To be recognized as a constellation of entrepreneurial organizations using our collective talent and systems to enhance and sustain affiliates mission and values. 

Core Values
We are committed to:
   > Innovation
   > Diversity
   > Collaboration
   > Excellence
   > Transparency
              …Make It Happen!

Inperium’s Key Strategic Priorities

Enhance and Protect Access to Growth Capital
Maintain sufficient Deal Flow to Facilitate Growth Initiatives
Provide Effective Board Governance to Protect and Ensure the Missions of All Affiliates

Inperium's Commitment to Diversity

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